How to Save Money on a Date Night

How to Save Money on a Date Night Experts

Just imagine coming home from a long day at work. You come home, you’ve got a baby spitting up, you’ve got a kid that’s like, “I wanna watch Peppa Pig!” And then Winston looks at me, he’s like, “Hey, you wanna go out on a date night?” Yes, best news ever! But then I’m like hey, what’s in our EveryDollar app?

Do we have the money? ‘Cause it can be expensive. So here are a few ways for you to save money on a date night. (relaxing intro music) Oh, date nights. One of my favorite nights of the whole week. But let’s be honest, people out there.

They’re expensive, right? I mean, everything from a babysitter if you have kids to if you go to the movies it’s like $80,000 now. I mean, it’s just crazy. So how can you save money? I’ve got you covered.

Number one, with babysitters. Babysitters, God bless ’em. They’re the best people in the world. You send out the texts. All during the day you’re like, who can babysit?

And when someone says, “I can,” you’re like, thank you God, you are an angel sent from Earth. But you cost a lot of money, you angel, so I don’t know what to do about that. So a few ways for you to save is get friends involved, meaning switch out date nights. Actually, the guy running this camera right now, named Ian, said, “Oh, is that one of your pieces of advice? “We do that all the time.

We’ve never paid for a babysitter.” True or false? You’ve never paid for a babysitter. Okay.

But his son is like Amelia’s age. So that’s like three years going, only paid for a babysitter once. We’re not that good.

But if you have friends and you’re like hey, we can switch off kids and kid night then you don’t pay for a babysitter. Or if you’re going out with friends, have them actually bring their kids to your house or you go take your kids to their house and pay for one babysitter and let all the kids go crazy and have that one angelic angel watch them. And then when you pay her, you’re paying half, they’re paying half. That works too.

Or if you have friends that are willing to babysit, like I have some girlfriends that are still single, “Oh yeah, we’ll come over, I’d love to watch Amelia.” And she’s awesome. But I don’t know, I kind of feel weird being like, hey, here’s a $20 check. I pay in wine. Yes, it’s like hey, here’s a nice bottle of wine.

Save some money, right? It’s great. And she actually likes that a whole lot better than the $20 check.

How to Save Money on a Date Night Date

So those are a few ways for you to save on babysitters. Now when you’re actually going out to dinner. Winston and I’s go-to trick a lot is to go during happy hour. Your drink are half off, your food’s half off. And yes, it’s sometimes a limited menu.

But hey, when you’re alone at a restaurant, you don’t really care, right? It’s like, sure, give me that menu. And then sometimes it defeats the purpose ’cause I end up like getting double of everything. ‘Cause I’m like, it’s half off! So watch it, make sure you don’t just buy double because then you’re gonna pay the same amount. But happy hour is a great place to save.

And Winston and I, back in the day, we don’t do this as much anymore, we would literally split a meal. So if we like went to an Italian place and they’re like, oh the pasta’s really great but it’s really filling and big, I’m like hey, you get a salad, I’ll get a salad, and we’ll split the pasta. Bada bing! It’s great, save some money. One of my favorite marriage experts is Dr.

Les Parrott and he talked about, it was some study done and I wish I like, had the actual facts for you, I don’t. But he talks about how when you go on date nights, if you actually go and experience something together versus just going to dinner and a movie, you actually have a deeper connection and that date night is lasted and seared into your memory longer than just like the cliché date night. So instead of paying for a movie and dinner, which is gonna be what, like $100 sometimes or even more depending on where you go? It’s really expensive.

Take that, and this sounds crazy, but he said it as an example, I haven’t done this. But he’s like, him and wife, they went and did trapeze lessons at this local gym they were offering. And he was like, it was so random, he was like, but it was so much fun. So I’m like yeah, go play like laser tag. Like go do something just like completely out of the box.

That really is, it’s so fun. And again, I get bad ’cause I’m just like, I just wanna go out to a nice dinner. But take that money every now and then and go have an experience with your significant other because it’s not only good for you emotionally and romantically, but also with the money. And then going off of all of that experience, if you wanna like, dwindle your money and save even more, then have a date night in, which sounds super boring.

But seriously, play a game. Do something in that’s not gonna cost you money. Maybe there’s a Groupon.

Be aware with coupons, you guys. Read the fine print. Half the time they’re good, half the time they’re not.

So make sure you really focus in and be like, no, this is a great way to save. So those are ways for you overall from babysitters, dinner, movie, experiences, all of the above to save you money on a date night. So a date night you and your spouse need to have is one of our Money & Marriage events.

Yeah! Click the link below and find out where we’re gonna be ’cause I’ll be coming to a city near you with the Money & Marriage event. A date night worth investing in. So super fun.

So go out there, swing on those trapezes, and I’ll see ya at the Money & Marriage event. Hey you guys, thanks so much for watching this post. If you want more great posts like this on ways to save money, spend it wisely, all the above, make sure to subscribe to my channel right above.

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