Show People with Paul Wontorek: Jonathan Groff of LITTLE SHOP OF HORRORS

Show People with Paul Wontorek: Jonathan Groff of LITTLE SHOP OF HORRORS Relationships

(upbeat instrumental music) – Tony nominee and Broadway favorite, Jonathan Groff, has been keeping busy. On top of starring in season 2 of the Netflix hit, “Mindhunter,” And gearing up for Frozen 2’s hotly anticipated movie release, he is back on the New York stage as the adorably nerdy Seymour, in the off-Broadway revival of “Little Shop of Horrors.” Hear about why “Little Shop” might be the most fun he’s ever had, what Luke Skywalker and Elsa have in common, and more, on this week’s Show People. (upbeat instrumental music) – Mr. Groff, good to see you. – So good to see you. – Welcome back to Show People. – Thank you, I’m so happy to be back. – [Paul] I love when you’re on the boards. – Me too. – I know. You know, the last time you were here, you said that nothing makes you happier than being on a bike, in New York City, riding to a theater, even to see a show, but ideally starring in a show. – Yes. – So you must be living your best life right now. – You know me so well. – And I saw you at “Little Shop” and you literally had your bike helmet, you were ready to get on your bike. – Yes. Yeah, my mom got me a new bike helmet, in San Francisco, that’s blue, that lights up, that does a blinking light. – Safety first. – Yeah, safety first. – Yep. – Yeah, it’s so great.

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Does No Contact Work For Short Term Relationships?

Does No Contact Work For Short Term Relationships? Date

(Music) (Music) In this post, I’m going to talk to you about if no contact will work if you’ve been in a short-term relationship that has recently ended. Take a second and click the subscribe button below so that you can be notified when I have more content that’s helpful to your situation and that includes breakups, marriage, relationship dynamics and attraction. So, a lot of my calls are from people who have been in what we would call short term relationships.

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How To Date When You’re Not So Straight

How To Date When You're Not So Straight Emotionally and Sexually

Hey guys! Today I want to talk about one of the questions that I get asked the most often, yet somehow have never actually answered and that is: how to date as a lady who also loves the ladies wether it’s how do I meet other queer women? or I’m into someone, how do I know they’re into me? or how do I let someone know I want to be more than just friends? and the list goes on and on and on I get stuff like this every single day. in this day and age where we have literally created an entire other world that lives in the palm of our hands, it only makes sense to utilize this new world and work it into our dating life as I’m sure many of you know, I have a lot of first hand experience with meeting queer people through the internet, wether they’re my best friends, or people I’ve dated I’ve met some of my favorite humans because of the internet, although I’m a huge advocate for using the internet for dating, I’ve actually never used a dating app, I think because I was in a relationship when dating apps kind of showed up I never really got the chance, but thanks to OkCupid for sponsoring this post, today I’m giving it a little trial. little disclaimer, yes, I am in a relationship I have made all of my settings on the dating app for taken, and just looking for friends, but I thought it would be a really fun experience for us to kind of go through some of the questions, so you guys can get to know me a little bit more and make you think about how you would answer these questions. I really love OkCupid as a dating app because it’s not so superficial we are such a quick pace society and we’re so efficient that we make decisions at the drop of a hat. It’s you see someone yes, no, swipe whatever and it’s done.

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