How To STOP Being Insecure After Being Cheated On | How To Trust Again After Being Cheated On

How To STOP Being Insecure After Being Cheated On | How To Trust Again After Being Cheated On Relationships

How to stop being insecure after being cheated on Welcome to HAPPILY COMMITTED. My name is Coach Adrian, and I’m excited to help you Being cheated on is incredibly difficult. You feel very violated and vulnerable after someone that you loved and trusted hurt you. And unfortunately infidelity and cheating is something that happens quite a lot we are imperfect creatures and we have a tendency of sometimes hurting the person we love, even when we know we are hurting the person we love.

And so I have a lot of compassion and empathy if you’re watching this post because it means that you’re going through a lot, that you’ve suffered a lot and then you are trying to fight the good fight, and to make it work with someone that you may despise at the moment for having hurt you so much. And so how can you regain your confidence and how can you rebuild after having been cheated on? The first advice that I have for you is to strive to quickly forgive and that doesn’t mean that you are excusing the behavior or that you’re letting this person back into your life. But it’s basically releasing the burden from your heart and committing to striving to forgive this person for what they’ve done.

Of course this person needs to be apologetic and remorseful if they’re cheating on you and leaving you, you should still forgive, but you should not necessarily try to make the relationship work at all costs. It takes two to tango, and you ultimately need to be with someone who values you and who is going to cherish you, who is going to look within and take accountability for their mistakes and seek to make themselves better and to ensure that this never happens again. But it’s important for us to remember that pain and adversity can help us grow.

It is through pain and adversity that we push ourselves, that we transformed ourselves, that we are able to reinvent ourselves, and you need to choose to see this pain in this adversity in a positive way. It can destroy you or your couple in your relationship. Or it can enable you to perhaps talk about things that were left unsaid and unspoken for – for a long time. And sometimes this enables you to wipe the slate clean and to share some of your fears, desires, requests with your partner and to hear out perhaps some of the things that they were unable to communicate to you.

How can you make your relationship stronger? How can you make this unfortunate event turn you into a stronger individual as well. Misery loves misery, and it’s too easy to let yourself dwell on what went wrong and to feel sorry for yourself, and to constantly live in the past. Break out of that! Don’t be a victim you need to realize you’re worth, your potential, and your power, and to fight to be the best version of you each and every day.

How To STOP Being Insecure After Being Cheated On | How To Trust Again After Being Cheated On Relationships

Do not let your partner’s shortcomings be a reflection of your self-worth. This is self-worth. Worth that you give to yourself. And I encourage you to live out your full potential.

This cheating incident is often less about you and more about them and issues that they need to address. So don’t take all of the guilts and the blame and carry it around as if it was yours only. Ultimately it is your decision whether you want to fight for this relationship or if you don’t feel like you can ever trust this person again.

From my experience I know that it is possible to rebuild a healthy relationship or a healthy marriage after cheating has occurred. But it takes a commitment from both parties. It takes tremendous strength to make things work and a tremendous spiritual capacity to forgive and seek to move past the pain that has been done because you believe in love, because you believe in what you guys have chosen to achieve over the course of your lives together. We are HAPPILY COMMITTED. We are striving to create a movement a movement of happy couples who are deliberately striving each and every day to create the relationship that they want, to not be a victim, to not be complacent, and to unleash the love that they have in their heart in constructive meaningful ways.

If you’ve enjoyed this post please like it. Subscribe to our channel, leave your thoughts and your comments in the comment section below. Please be mindful and respectful of other people who may be going through very difficult times. It’s very easy to judge. It’s very easy to talk from the sidelines, or to say to someone that they should just move on.

Have compassion, have empathy, and understand that people are committed to making their marriage in their relationship work. As always thank you for tuning in and see you soon for another post

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