When (and how) To Text A Girl To Get A Date

When (and how) To Text A Girl To Get A Date Dating

How and when to text a girl. That’s what we’re talking about today and it’s a very simple answer. If you get her number and you need to text her within 24 hours and I’m going to tell you why.

24 hours; that is all you have these days to be able to text a girl and get her to respond. Of course I don’t mean that to an extreme degree. Yeah of course you could text her a couple days later but the best opportunity you have is within the 24 hours that you first meet her because she is fresh on your mind. what happens is attraction starts to slowly die over time because if you get her number and then maybe six days later you decide to text her, she doesn’t have a fresh memory of who you are and the experience that you two had together when you first got her number. Now at Maya Beach famous for the Leonardo DiCaprio movie called The Beach. Now let me be very clear on this 24 hour rule.

I don’t mean that you text her very quick in the 24 hours. If you get her number let’s say on a Friday night, I don’t think it’s really a great idea for you to be texting her four hours later. Instead leave a little bit of mystery, a little bit of anticipation, text her the next late afternoon or maybe you get her number in the afternoon because you met her somewhere during the day. I would say best time is text her the very next afternoon. So wait a little bit but I don’t want you to wait too long.

Just got back to the slumber party hostel and gonna be going out tonight actually going on their bar crawl which will be a whole nother post but I want to get back to texting here. Some of you guys already have a girl’s number and you don’t have the situation where you just got a girl’s number for the very first time so you’re probably thinking when do I text her? You should be texting her right away. You should be asking her on a date right away because that’s the same thing you should be doing if you got a number from a girl that you haven’t met before.

When (and how) To Text A Girl To Get A Date Date

It’s all about making sure that you’re going for the date so you don’t get stuck in the friend zone so I’m gonna be giving you a text message that’s very specific here that you can use when you text the girl that you’re interested in especially again in the situation where you’ve just met her. What I want you to say is this in the text message “Hey, it’s (name) let’s go to this location at this time.” Of course fill in the blanks with what is appropriate but that’s what I want you to say. Very clear, very specific and right to the point. Here’s the thing, you don’t need to beat around the bush.

You don’t have to wait three days to text the girl. If she likes you, she’s gonna be interested in meeting you, if she likes you she’s going to respond to that text message and be excited to go to that location at that time with you so it’s all about pulling the trigger which I know a lot of you guys have trouble with doing. Use that text message it’s very simple. Really quickly if you need more text messages for other specific situations, I have those for you in the description down below you’ll get a link to the 7 Deadly Text Messages That She Can’t Resist.

Either way one of those text messages misses will work if she’s attracted to you. How do you get a girl attracted? Watch all the other posts on my channel but the texting part is just to get her to meet up with you so do it within 24 hours and make sure that you are asking her out.

Hope that helps and gotta get ready for tonight’s bar call should be interesting. See you later.

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