50 Things YOU SHOULDN'T SAY on a FIRST DATE! Relationships

You know our waiters kind of cute don’t you think don’t you 50 things you should never say on the first date. I Hope you plan on staying for a while cuz man do I like to eat! Do you have another more attractive brother because you’re almost there but just not quite Most guys think I’m a little crazy so roar watch out Can we make this quick I like totally have diarrhea right now This is the first time I’ve been here actually this is the first time I’ve been out of my house Wait, do you smell that or is that you?

I asked this at the start of all of my dates. You’re not a rushing spy. Are you?

Man this food looks way better than what they were serving at the State Institute You’re not some kind of creep are you well, of course you’d never say that you were you just act all nice and normal ah Oh My gosh, you totally remind me of my pet hermit crab How much longer is this date gonna be I have to meet another guy in like an hour My doctor says the rash should disappear after a couple of weeks as long as I keep taking the vinegar baths I Just bought a puppy before I came here, but he should be okay sitting out in the car for a few hours by himself, right? Would you by any chance be interested in buying a timeshare This year I decided to stop worrying about my appearance, I mean why should I try to look good for some guy Wait, why are you talking to that other girl? I know she’s the waitress. But why were you talking to her? Oh Hi Raphael, no, I’m not doing anything important right now Can we go see one of those movies where the main character turns out to be a total psycho.

I totally identify with that How many kids do you think is a good number to have four or five choose one of those two options! So here’s all that homework you said you’d do for me try to get it all done before someone sees us together I Know I don’t look anything like my online profile picture, but I just used that because you guys are so shallow Can we get a selfie together this is gonna make my boyfriend so jealous, I Know we haven’t even started talking yet, but I can totally tell that this date. Is it gonna work out? So, what do you think about vegans tell the truth Can we stop at the pharmacy after this I have a frequent shopper coupon that’s gonna expire today. I Hope you brought a lot of money because I’m broke until month end I just ate a clove of garlic does my breath stink?


If this date ends badly, how would you defend yourself you don’t have any weapons do you This date better be good. I cancelled two other dates just to be here with you. So you better appreciate the sacrifice I Know this is kind of forward but I’m just gonna put this out there.

I am totally in love with you So you say you’re an accountant how much exactly do they pay you for that including health care benefits So my father gave me this list of questions to ask you be sure to talk directly into the lie-detector I’ll be honest. I’m not looking for anything serious. I just want to be seen in public so the other girls get jealous I know after dinner. We can go out and get tattoos of each other’s names to commemorate our first date You brought me a flower how ordinary Thanks for being so flexible about the location that stupid restraining order really limits my options I’m all right. I’m all right Sorry if I’m a little awkward, I just got out of a bad relationship Actually more like escaped a bad cult but you get the idea What sign are you my psychic says that I shouldn’t date a Capricorn or a Gemini unless I get a special crystal You better not be one of those smart guys I hate dating people that are too smart So my parents are out in the parking lot and they can’t wait to meet you come on So, who did you vote for in the last election Hello, yes, I’ll be back by 9:00 parole officers and I right I’m almost over my last relationship.

I think with just a few more dates. I’ll even forget where I hid the body Wait, you look really familiar. Are you sure we haven’t dated before after so many dates. It’s just all a blur I’m sorry, I’m having kind of a bad day You walk out of a store just one time without paying for anything and they’re all bent out of shape No pressure, but I just put all of your personal information into this app and it says we were meant to be together I Know this is supposed to be the first time we met but who is that woman?

I saw you talking to in the mall yesterday The last guy who took me here was a total loser he just sat still and said nothing the entire night So my thought oh, I’m almost over my last relationship I thinked with I think I’m almost over my last relationship. I think with even a few Wait, oh my gosh Can we stop at the pharmacy after this? I have a frequent shopper coat coupon This date better be good.

I can’t you don’t need your phone My doctor said my rash should clear up in about a couple weeks but But make sure to check out our other two channels a baby Which so that was 50 things. You should not say on a first date if you liked this post Be sure to click the thumbs up button and subscribe Be sure to check out our other two channels babyteeth4 and the Jillian and Addie channel. They’re a lot of fun Tell us what you thought about this post on Instagram we also post new pictures posts and stories every day Thanks for watching. Goodbye Strangely fine

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